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September 15th Hike Update

Posted about 1 year ago by Kirstin Curtis

misty Excelsior hike

Hello fellow ARNP hikers!

It seems the rain has potentially hit us again this year for our planned hike on Sunday. There are many Septembers that are bluebird and gorgous, but we may get rain on Sunday. I am closely watching the NOAA weather sites and will put out an update on the site for those hiking by Friday. Families are welcome.

Either way, plan to do either a local hike with some rain gear or if the weather looks ok, we will venture up to Baker for an overcast hike. Growing up in the mountains, the weather can shift fast, so bring warm hat/mittens, layers and raingear if you have it. It could be beautiful, but better to be prepared. And remember...cotton is rotten...wool and synthetics are best. 

See you all Sunday at 9am!!

Kirstin Curtis ARNP


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