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Nurse Practitioner Week

Posted 4 months ago by Jan Taylor

To fellow (and future) members of the Mount Baker Nurse Practitioners Association

Date: November 19, 2017

Important message from our President, Jan Taylor

10 years ago I was a new grad in my first job as an NP. I was scared, excited, and a bit overwhelmed in my new role in healthcare. One of the things that got me through my first year was the encouragement I received from networking with NP’s throughout the county through the Mt Baker Nurse Practitioner Association. 

I was involved in the forming of our organization, as we jumped through hurdles of incorporation, getting business licenses, affiliations with other professional organizations, opening bank accounts, setting up a website, and setting up educational programs. Over the past 8 years we have had over 100 Nurse Practitioners join our organization, but sadly only 44 are active members now. We have lost one to a tragic accident, several to retirement, and a dozen or so who just moved on and are now scattered across the country. But many of our members just have “forgotten” to renew, and don’t make it to our educational offerings. In order to help renew our organization the board has decided to make a special offer. Come to our annual meeting, bring a new or expired member who pays their dues this week, and we will give you a free years membership! This is a limited time offer good this next week.

Our annual meeting is coming up this November 16th, and we are planning a celebration of our 8th year as a non-profit nurse practitioner professional organization. We will also celebrate the 51st year of NPs in our country. Please go to the website, www.mbnpa.org to register so that we can have enough food available. Nancy Lawton, head of ARNP’s United of Washington state will be giving us an update on state and national concerns. This will be your opportunity to meet face to face with her to voice your concerns of practice. We will be holding elections at the meeting. If you would like to volunteer on the board, please contact Jan Taylor at Janice-taylor@comcast.net.

I know that we all lead busy lives. We have work, we have family, we like to travel, and many of us are tired and going out to one more meeting is hard to do. It is time to ask yourself not what you can get out of the MBNPA, but ask yourself what can I give to my peers. Elections for our board will be conducted at our meeting. I am pleased to announce that Christine Anderson has agreed to run for President, I for treasurer, and Linnea has agreed to be our secretary. We still need people to help with membership recruitment and retention, and help with the educational committes. We need you.

In order to attract more volunteers we will streamline our obligations, so that board members only have 5 meetings a year, each about an hour long. We will try to make our education more focused to the needs of our members, but we must hear from you concerning your needs. If more members do not step up I am afraid that the organization may need to fold in the coming year.

Our current needs are:

  • someone to work on membership recruitment and retention and making sure we have good contact information on our members and ways to invite new NPs in the community to our organization.
  • someone to help Heather Thompson with education
  • someone to update our website and increase our presence in social media platforms like Facebook
  • Some members have voiced a desire to offer scholarships for NP students. In order to do this we would need a scholarship champion who would develop application and decision processes.
  • Members with fresh ideas on meeting the professional needs of our membership.
  • If you have a special interest/expertise that you would like to present to our membership, we could use 2 more people for the upcoming year.

We have much to discuss, including:

  • upcoming CNE on Soft tissue Infections in January 2018,
  • finding more people to present CME topics
  • Should we allow PA’s to be associate members?
  • How can we be more relevant to our community?
  • Should we develop a scholarship program?
  • Should we develop a way for NP students to find clinical sites through our organization?

Many people have put a lot of work into this organization over the past decade. If just a few people come forward this organization can help us to grow to the next level.

Hope to see you Thursday night. Jan